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H2072 Section on Hospice and Palliative Medicine - SOHPM Oral Presentations with Posters

This session, part of the SOHPM H-program, will be devoted to the display of posters combined with brief oral presentations of abstracts describing either research findings or innovative programs.
Sunday, October 21, 2012: 3:00 PM-4:00 PM
Grand Salon A6 (Hilton Riverside)
Session Moderator:
Chris Feudtner, MD, PhD, FAAP
3:00 PM

Comparing Physician and Nurse Satisfaction and Utilization of Palliative Care: A Survey Study
Emily S. Edlynn, Ph.D., Children's Hospital Los Angeles; Sabrina Derrington, MD, Children's Hospital Los Angeles; Jennifer Murray, CPNP, Children's Hospital Los Angeles; Helene Morgan, MSW, Children's Hospital Los Angeles; Giovanni Cucchiaro, MD, Children's Hospital Los Angeles
3:06 PM

Building A Strong Counseling Foundation for Pediatric Supportive Care Services
Laura M. Sollenberger, MA, LCPC, NCC, FT, Children's Hospital of Illinois; Kay L. Saving, M.D., Children's Hospital of Illinois
3:12 PM

Topical Yunnan Baiyao Administration As An Adjunctive Therapy for Bleeding Complications In Adolescents with Advanced Cancer
Ej Ladas, MS, RD, Columbia University; Jb Karlik, BA, Columbia University; D. Rooney, MS, LAc, LMT, Columbia University; K. Taromina, MS, LAc, Columbia University; L. Granowetter, MD, New York University; KM Kelly, MD, Columbia University
3:18 PM

Potential Impact of Triggers On Pediatric Palliative Care Consults
Rani Ganesan, MD, Rush University Medical Center; Debra Selip, Rush University Medical Center; Judy Friedrichs, Rush University Medical Center; Sean OMahony, Rush University Medical Center; K Sarah Hoehn, Rush University Medical Center
3:24 PM

NOVEL Interventions In Palliative Care Education for Resident Physicians
Sonia Malhotra, MD, Tulane University School of Medicine; Jake Kleinman, Tulane University School of Medicine; Paula Zeanah, Tulane University School of Medicine; Tessa L. Chesher, Tulane University School of Medicine