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H1013 Section on Medical Students, Residents & Fellowship Trainees - SOMSRFT Reception and Poster Display

Saturday, October 20, 2012: 6:00 PM-7:00 PM
Grand Oaks Mansion (Mardi Gras World)

A 14-Year-Old Male with a Rash
Delene P. Etwaru-Musielak, University of Missouri - Columbia

The Causative Link Between Seizures and Motor Delay In An 8-Year-Old Child Presenting with Long-Standing Disruptive Behavior
Alyce Belonis, MD, University of Hawaii; Laurie Seaver, MD, University of Hawaii

Pheochromocytoma Presenting with Hyperglycemia, Polyuria, and Polydipsia
Saranya Srinivasan, M.D., Children's Hospital Boston; Amanda Growdon, M.D., Children's Hospital Boston

Fanconi Anemia Presenting with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Wilms Tumor
Saranya Srinivasan, M.D., Children's Hospital Boston; Jennifer Kesselheim, M.D., Children's Hospital Boston

Use of Thrombectomy In a Neonate Presenting with An Upper Extremity Arterial Thrombosis
Timothy JB Ulrich, MD, Mayo Clinic; Marc A. Ellsworth, MD, Mayo Clinic; Tara R. Lang, MD, Mayo Clinic

Persistent Flank Pain and Voiding Dysfunction: A Case of Missed Anterior Urethral Valves
Janae Preece, MD, University of Maryland Medical Center; Kristina D. Suson, MD, The Johns Hopkins Hospital; Ming-Hsien Wang, MD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Novel NOD2 Mutation In An Infant with Rash and Motor Delay
Emilina Lim, MD, Washington University, St. Louis Children's Hospital; Megan Cooper, MD, PhD, Washington University

Neuroblastoma Presenting As Facial Nerve Palsy and Bulging Tympanic Membrane
Miya E. Bernson-Leung, MD, Childrens Hospital Boston

A 3 Month Old with Bronchiolitis Leading to An Unusual Diagnosis
Pillai Pallavi Madhusoodhan, MD, The Brooklyn Hospital Center; Ima Nabiuny, MD, The Brooklyn Hospital Center; Debbie Cayabyab, MD, The Brooklyn Hospital Center; Kanupriya Chaturvedi, MD, The Brooklyn Hospital Center; Melissa Guillame, MD, The Brooklyn Hospital Center

Reactive Arthritis (Poncet's Disease) As the Initial Presentation for Tuberculous Peritonitis
Nazia Rahman, MetroHealth Medical Center; Nazha F. Abughali, MD, MetroHealth Medical System