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H3017 Section on Urology - Session 17: Hypospadias/Penis I

Monday, October 22, 2012: 10:45 AM-11:20 AM
Grand Ballroom B (Hilton Riverside)
10:45 AM

Is There A Role for Prophylactic Antibiotics After Stented Hypospadias Repair?
Niki Kanaroglou, MD, FRCSC, The Hospital for Sick Children; Elias J. Wehbi, MD, FRCSC, The Hospital for Sick Children; Abdulhakim Alotay, The Hospital for Sick Children; Rodrigo Romao, Hospital for Sick Children; Martin A. Koyle, MD, Hospital for Sick Children, Department of Urology; Armando Lorenzo, Hospital for Sick Children; Darius Bagli, The Hospital for Sick Children; Walid Farhat, The Hospital for Sick Children
10:51 AM

Resulting Trends of Non-Coverage of Elective Circumcision by Louisiana Medicaid In Boys Aged 0-5
Joseph Ortenberg, MD, FAAP, Louisiana State Univeristy Health Sciences Center, Children's Hopsital of New Orleans; Christopher C. Roth, MD, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
10:57 AM

Urethral Mobilization for Distal and Midshaft Hypospadias with Chordee
Joel F. Koenig, MD, Southern Illinois University SOM; Avi Weiss, MD, Urology Specialists of Nevada; Michael Kottwitz, Southern Illinois University SOM; Patrick H. McKenna, MD, FAAP, FACS, Southern Illinois University SOM
11:03 AM

Duration of Follow-up to Identify Urethral Complications After TIP Hypospadias Repair
Carlos A. Villanueva, MD, Children's Medical Center; Nicol Corbin Bush, M.D., Children's Medical Center; Warren T. Snodgrass, M.D., Children's Medical Center
11:09 AM

The Need for Additional Procedures In Patients Undergoing Proximal Hypospadias Repairs As Reported In the Pediatric Health Information System Database
Katherine W. Herbst, M.Sc., Connecticut Children's Medical Center; Fernando A. Ferrer Jr., MD, FAAP, Connecticut Children's Medical Center; John H. Makari, MD, FAAP, Connecticut Children's Medical Center
11:13 AM

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